10 Ideas When Visiting

Naturally we want you to get the best from your visit to the Carlton Lodge and the North York Moors National Park. If you coming to an event in Helmsley you probably wont find the time to give the ideas here any time but you should and if you can’t then you might like to think about a return visit when you will be able to get to know the area on more intimate terms.

Below are just 10 ideas for a day out, a walk, an activity……and other things you might like to consider when you visit. They all come highly recommended but the list is by no means exhaustive. Enjoy.

Not for the faint-hearted or it must be said those with a fear of heights but this is a great way to get around in the Great Yorkshire Forest at Dalby.

Not for the faint-hearted

Go Ape is a tree top adventure in the Great Yorkshire Forest at Dalby which takes you on walkways and and rope bridges through the forest canopy finishing on a zip wire which traverses a valley between two hill top points. Now that’s invigorating and that’s being polite!
To get the best from your swing through the tree tops, check this out.
And if you have never ridden a Segway you can do that in the Great Yorkshire Forest as well, and oh… I nearly forgot there is a junior course as well.

If you like the outdoors you might like to think about a day out with these people, Yorkshire-Outdoors.

Whether its 4X4 driving, clay pigeon shooting, quad biking or even Segwaying (new word!) you will be hard pushed to find a more exhilarating day out.

Not only do Yorkshire-Outdoors provide taster sessions for all their activities this is one day out where you actually don’t mind what the weather is like, in fact you could say the wetter the better! Also available at the same center are Quad-Biking and Clay Pigeon Shooting and perhaps best of all just down the road is the Carpenter’s Arms when you can enjoy good honest pub food produced mainly in Yorkshire.  They also do activities for children, its even possible to have a children’s party with them will 4X4 driving and junior quad biking as part of the day.

Nostalgia Unlimited is our next suggestion. A ride on the North York Moors Steam Railway.

Nostalgia Unlimited on the NYM Steam Railway

Since its early days the North York Moors Steam Railway has seen a number of improvements. A dining service is offered at peak times of the year (booking essential), the service now extends to Whitby which is a day out at the seaside with or without the ‘Goffs’. It’s possible to buy an All Day Rover ticket which allows you to get on an off the train enabling a super walk between stations or a visit to Aidensfield from TV’s Heartbeat, (its really Goathland).

One of the specialties of the Steam Railway are their event weekends. Our busiest weekend is in October when the Railway runs it Wartime Weekend. Its amazing! People dress up, wartime vehicles are brought in, tea dances are held and everything reverts back to the Second World War (apart from the prices)!

 A recent addition to the activity stable is the new Cycle Center at the top of Sutton Bank.

Sutton Bank Cycle Center

At the new Sutton Bank Cycle Center they are building some trails and rides suitable for all ages. You can hire a bike or bring your own and fees are charged accordingly. One of the trails is set up specifically for children with smaller bumps and wider corners and so far the reviews are excellent. There is the obligatory shop where you can buy anything ‘cycling’ as well as a very good cafe. Combine all this with a view to die for and its got to be there on the list of things to do when visiting the Carlton Lodge.

Now it has to be said that all the activities listed until now incur a charge, so what about something which doesn’t actually cost a penny. Walking in the North York Moors National Park

Roseberry Topping

I walk a lot and not only because the Memsaab always has the car its just I prefer walking as a method of transport. Everyday rain or shine I set off at lunchtime and I walk. Sometimes its an hour, rarely less, other times its longer up to three hours and I just love it. In fact if I ever have a nightmare its usually that for some reason I cannot walk and I start to break out in a cold sweat. Anyway enough of me, views like the one above are not uncommon when you walk in the National Park. The funny shaped hill is Roseberry Topping and is a very popular walk especially in Spring.
At the Carlton Lodge we have amassed as library or walks, rambles and full days perambulating and of course we have the local knowledge to make your walk worthwhile.

How are you with Flying (without an engine!?)

Gliding over Sutton and White Horse Bank

At the top of Sutton Bank which is reputed to be the largest Roman Fort in the North of England is the Yorkshire Gliding Club. Here it is not only possible to watch the Gliders take off and land you can also experience a trial flight if you wish!  Adjacent to the Gliding Club is White Horse Bank (see the picture) and apparently the views from a Glider are spectacular. Now you may have noticed that I said ‘apparently’ and that’s because I haven’t actually been up myself. I like the idea of communing with the birds but its not having an engine which I find worrying!  Now there is actually a powered glider at the Gliding Club and if only to find out what is the difference  between a powered glider and an airplane I might just be tempted!!!

“Don’t tell him Pike!”

Yes I am sure we have all laughed at ‘Dad’s Army’ but at Eden Camp near Malton everyone including those to young to remember can experience what wartime Britain was like. The Museum has many unique features and is committed via its Mission Statement to becoming the greatest authority on WWll.
Divided up into huts which previously housed prisoners of war, it then housed Polish Miners who came over to work in the mines at the end of the war before being converted into a Museum by one of those Miners.
Each hut tells its own story from rationing and transport to the Blitz and espionage. There are a huge number of military vehicles on site and some other slightly dangerous pieces like V1’s!!
It is a remarkable day out and not expensive and they have everything just right at Eden Camp right down to the smells of war!

Birds of Prey (and other feathery things!)

Look out, he’s behind you!

I’m not really into captive things performing for us mere humans (especially as they have a lot they can teach us!) but the International Bird of Prey Centre at Duncome Park our local stately home they perform with a purpose.
The Centre is part of an initiative to save a number of species from total extinction including some vultures which I must admit give me the creeps when they look at you! Its almost like they are sizing you up for dinner!
You can adopt a bird with prices to suit all pockets and you’ll receive an A4 Certificate with a photograph of your chosen bird – ready for framing. Your name is put on the ‘Thank You’ board at the enclosure and they will also send you an ‘Adoption pack’ which includes a fact sheet on your chosen specie.
The owls are spectacular and one frequently visits the market Square with its handler and poses for photographs. Its great PR and the owl seems very happy with the situation.

Agricultural Shows

Our local Agricultural Show

If you have never been to a local agricultural show you really can’t say you have visited the countryside!
The local shows in North Yorkshire have their history in bygone farming days when folk were hired (and fired) to work on the land. A lot of workers developed a penchant for something agricultural and specialised in some farming activity which has over the years developed into a family business. But whatever the reason for working on one day (or perhaps 2) a year everyone got together at the local show and had a great day out. The tradition continues today. When you come and stay do check out if there is a local show when you visit, I promise you wont be disappointed.

Our local show is the Ryedale and Lythe Show which is held at the Welburn School grounds. It is held on the last Tuesday of July every year and it really is a great day pout! Take a picnic! Take the car and park next to the ring

Whitby Harbour

No holiday is ever really complete without a day at the seaside is it?
We have some great seasides in North Yorkshire. Taking just one Whitby it should be easy to see that if you miss a coastal visit when you stay you’re missing a treat.
A small fishing village that developed into a town and grew in popularity over the years. Home to the Black Dog stories, the Magpie Cafe, a traditional harbour and one of the oldest swing bridges in England. Walk up the steps (199) to Whitby Abbey, walk on the beach or along the harbour walls, have your fish and chips stolen by a seagull and experience a Goth Weekend (amazing!) it’s all here waiting for you.
Birthplace of Dracula, home of some of the last few inshore fishing boats going out to fish today and the very devil to park (talk to us for this info) you’ll really enjoy your day guaranteed!

So whatever is your poison when you enjoy yourself on holiday you can rest assured we have it available for you in North Yorkshire. If we haven’t we know who man who has!