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Awards and accreditations in the world of today’s Bed and Breakfast are an interesting topic  and one on which will will occupy at least one (more likely two) chapters in my book when it’s published.

We have been awarded many accreditations over the years. We have held 2 Star Hotel status which went to 4 Star Bed and Breakfast status when we downsized in 2002 and a host of other awards, all of which today count for less and less. We have paid huge sums to graded and classified by National Tourism Bodies and be listed in walking, cycling, pet owner guides and ….well you name it and we’ve probably advertised there.

In 2013 we called a halt to is all and we created our own list of accreditations which you can see below. We are in the Michelin Guide (obviously only for B&B) and some other Entry on Merit Guides but all in all we have decided to let our reputation speak for us. So no more forking out large sums of money so civil servants can bask in their own glory and pretend to be furthering the cause of Tourism. We’ll do it on our own.

So if you need an answer to a specific question about a bed and breakfast stay with us please first check our FAQ page and if the information you need is not there please contact us and we will get back to you.

Listed below is some pictorial information on some of the awards we think we should have/hold.   Additions will appear as people realise how wonderful the Carlton Lodge is!


If you’re planning a walking holiday in Yorkshire, look for the Walkers Welcome logo like ours when booking your accommodation.

It’s your guarantee that accommodation providers like us provide that little extra specifically for walkers, like space for drying outdoor clothes and cleaning boots, local maps and weather news.

The Walkers Welcome logo will appear next to other Rating logos on other accommodation providers websites and literature if you are touring the area and looking to make more stops on your journey.
Cycling breaks at the Carlton Lodge
If you’re planning a break with your bike at the Carlton Lodge its good to know we look after cyclists.
It’s your guarantees that we offer that little extra specifically for cyclists, like water points for washing bikes, lockable storage areas, space for drying outdoor clothes, puncture repair kits and weather news.
The Cyclists Welcome logo will appear next to other Rating logos on other accommodation providers website and literature if you are touring with your bike and moving on from the Carlton Lodge.
Within the style of our business we welcome families. We have two bedrooms in which we can place an additional full size single bed.
The other bed/s in the room can either be two further single beds or one super king size. You are invited to specify your choice when booking.
Breakfast at the Carlton Lodge is a 'traditional' event. Our products are sourced locally whenever possible and we try and add a little variety by providing occasional extras.
No Smoking
Carlton Lodge
is totally
We operate the Carlton Lodge under s Sustainable Visitor Charter awarded by the North York Moors National Park and we tend to subscribe to the ethos that borrow the planet form our children rather than inherit from our parents.
Sherpa Van assist people with booking walking holidays in the area. The also provide an excellent service of taking luggage on to your next night's accommodation. It very definitely worth thinking about.
Again within the scope of our business we provide a Welcome to all. Foreign visitors are always welcome and although we are deficient in any foreign languages we usually get the message across.
Our local tourism association: The Tourism Association North Yorkshire, proud owners of
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