Complaints and Reviews

We understand and act on Complaints and ignore Reviews.

That’s about it in a nutshell.

We been in the hospitality industry all our lives and think we know what the customer wants from us as part of our service. We give clients three opportunities during their stay to comment on our style of operation and service in case we are wrong in our assumptions.

Customer Comment Cards are always available in Reception and we post them on the door whatever they say, good, bad or indifferent.

Client Questionnaires are on the breakfast table and again there is an opportunity to advise us what we didn’t do well.

We Ask Clients when they leave if they have enjoyed their visit.

So the real question we need answering is:

“If you feel unable to say what you thought about your stay before you leave why should we be interested about what you write about us when you have left?”

When someone comes up with a satisfactory response to this question we will review our policy and amend it if we think it is appropriate.

Finally if you have booked through a booking agency you may have received an email after your visit with us asking you for a review. Why? I hear you say, when we don’t listen to reviews do we actively canvass for them?
The short answer is we do not control this aspect of the booking agency’s policy. If we decline to take part we get de-listed and non one wants to purposely loose business. So whilst we do not consider 99% of reviews worthy of reading we play the game set by the agencies.