The dales, moors and coastal shores produce some of the UK’s finest food and produce. Believe it or not there’s more to Yorkshire food than Wensleydale cheese and Yorkshire pudding.  So, we thought we’d share with you some Yorkshire dishes to look out for when you’re out and about.

Experience Taste of the North York Moors and treat yourself to some very special Helmsley ice-cream or a pint at the town’s micro-brewery.

Friday is market day in Helmsley and where you’ll find the fantastic Cinnamon Twist Artisan Bread Makers.


Aside from the famous Wensleydale you’ll discover a fantastic selection of cheeses including mature whites and rich blues.  Amazingly there are more than 85 Yorkshire artisan cheeses made with cow, sheep and goat milk.   This means, if you tried one Yorkshire cheese each day, you’d still be discovering new ones three months later.  Look out for Dale End Cheddar, Summerfield, the tangy complex Moorland Tomme, and Yorkshire Gouda.  True Yorkshire folk pair their cheese with a big piece of rich fruit cake for a marriage made in heaven.

Dried or Smoked meat and fish

Yorkshire has some wonderful smokehouses which are thriving and offer everything from kippers to salmon, haddock, trout, chicken, duck and venison.  Check out local delis for bacon, sausage and black pudding that you can take home for a true Yorkshire breakfast post-holiday.

Curd tart

Using century-old recipes, curd tart is a shortcrust pastry case filled with curd cheese, spices and dried fruit.  Curd tart is more of a Yorkshire institution than a sweet treat.


Without sheep the North York Moors would look very different as the landscape is partly shaped by animals that have grazed here for hundreds of years.  Look out for locally sourced lamb in butcher shops and restaurant menus.

Real Ales

Yorkshire has a strong tradition of brewing ales and you’ll frequently come across the famous Black Sheep Ales which are brewed in Masham North Yorkshire.  We have our very own brewery in the town which you’ll find on Bridge Street so make sure you pop in and sample Hemsley Honey or Striding the Riding.