Below are some of the more popular questions visitors ask when booking. We hope you find the answers useful. If you need further explanation of elaboration please email us here. Thanks!

Do you use booking Agencies in your B&B?

Although we believe that Booking Agencies are about the lowest form of hospitality life it seems our view is not shared by the general public.  We have acceded to demand and joined others who now have a link from their on line booking service to the various agencies  A concern that we were missing a lot of possible exposure as these agencies can afford huge sums for search engine optimisation which we of course can’t had lead to our final decision. Be assured though you will NEVER to be able to book as inexpensively as you can using our on line service.

Can I bring my pet to your bed and breakfast?

I regret the answer is no. We used to accept pets but we found the extra cleaning work even though we were charging £10.00 for a pet visit was just too much. By the time we had stripped out all the bedding and worked to remove all traces of a pet visit for the next guests it was becoming more and more of a real chore. Its a policy decision we regret BUT at our increasing age is one we have had to invoke.

Why is a single weekend night so expensive?

In a normal year we can sell every weekend for bed and breakfast. What we cannot do is sell (almost without exception) a single Friday night if the Saturday night is booked. We used to make two night bookings mandatory at weekends and then it was suggested we were disadvantaging guests who only wanted to stay one weekend night and who were prepared to pay a premium for that option.

So we thought about it and decided that we would sell single nights at weekends BUT only at a huge premium. Then if we could not sell the other night we would not be financially disadvantaged and starve in the winter. So yes you can stay a single weekend night for B&B  but you will pay almost double for the room. Of course sometimes people check out on a Saturday in which case we sell the room at the normal single night price AND we always put it on line so interrogating the booking availability system is always a good idea.

Can you provide a Packed Lunch?

We used to offer this facility but now we don’t.  All our revenue is subject to Value Added Tax which means we have to charge 20% on your packed lunch price which goes to the Government AND in the Town we have several great shops, including the award winning delicatessen Hunters of Helmsley, that sell superb sandwiches. They even open at 8.00 especially for walkers and cyclists to collect their days supplies.

They do not charge Value Added Tax on the food they sell so already you will have saved 20% of your sandwich change by buying it from a local shop. You will also get a far better selection of sandwich fillings and ancillary items like drinks, savoury and sweet pastries etc.

Do you do Special Offers?

Yes we do. You will find our current list of  ‘specials’ here and if you are flexible in your dates there is usually an offer to suit on this page. We also discount our charges for 3 to 7 night stays by offering a sliding discount scale.

Do you cater for Special Diets at your B&B?

Provided we are aware we can cater for most special diets, so do please advise us when you book your stay. We keep stock items for Coeliacs including bread, sausages and gluten free museli. Vegetarians are normally able to be serviced from our standard breakfast menu with the addition of a couple of specialist items. Lactose intolerance, fat free, and calorie specific diets create more of a challenge for us and many other bed and breakfast owners but again with advance warning we can usually deliver something that should stop the hunger pangs!

We are indebted to a Coeliac Client who advises us that:
In Helmsley
Scott’s of Helmsley sell gluten free Fish and Chips
Castle Gate Cafe (not the bakery) sell gluten free items
Cinnamon Twist sell gluten free items
In Pickering
Poppies Traditional Tearooms offer a Gluten Free menu (and is superb)
Mulberries of Pickering Bridge St offer a Gluten Free Menu
In York
Molly’s in the Shambles (above an antique shop) offer Gluten Free food items
In Whitby
The Monks Haven Church St offer Gluten Free items inc bread, teacakes, crumpets
The Walrus & the Carpenter Church St is Fully Gluten Free

Can I smoke at the Carlton Lodge?

The answer is no.
We are designated a non-smoking venue. It is a route we have chosen and as such smoking is totally banned at the Carlton Lodge. 99% of our guests appreciate us not allowing smoking and we make the point if someone does smoke in their room we reserved the right to:
ask them to leave, whatever the time of day or night
charge for any night we are unable to let the room because of the smell.
As I hope you are able to see we are very serious about this anti social behavior.
Finally we are obliged by our insurance company to report to the local Police any issue of guests smoking. It is a criminal offense, except in designated areas, to smoke in buildings.
All the above also applies to electric cigarettes.