What if we feel uncomfortable entering your B&B which is also your home?

Carlton Lodge consists of two buildings, and we live next door, so we’re your hosts and neighbours.  You don’t have to enter our living accommodation, as our bed and breakfast accommodation building has its own entrance, parking, breakfast room and garden area.

We like to think of Carlton Lodge as an independent ‘home from home’ and our priority is to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed during your stay.  Once you’ve checked in, and got your key, you’re free to come and go as you please.

What social distancing measures are you putting in place?

We are very lucky as we only have 8 bedrooms so you’re not going to bump into large groups.   We’ll always personally welcome you, with a smile, and you’ve no waiting around at a busy reception.  The spacious layout of the building ensures open views of the ground and first floor.  This means you won’t unexpectedly bump into someone down a long corridor or need to cross on the stairs.

We’ve a good-sized breakfast room which comfortably takes 8 tables and a kitchen island.  However, initially, we plan to do two breakfast sittings, and use only 4 tables spaciously set out,  This may change in the future depending on government guidelines.

What about cushions and soft furnishings?  Will the guest lounge be open or closed?

Until things settle into a new routine and restrictions are further relaxed, all cushions, magazines and non-essential soft furnishings will unfortunately need to be removed from the rooms.  Our guest lounge is open, and on the cooler days the woodturner will be lit.  We are constantly monitoring the guidelines so are hoping this will change in due course.

Tea and coffee making facilities in rooms.

We will be keeping our tea and coffee making facilities in the rooms.  This is because all our cups and glasses are washed at a high temperature in a dish washer.  Our hospitality trays are protected and are therefore have a fully wipe clean surface.  Our tea and coffee come in fully sealed and recyclable bags.  As we won’t be servicing rooms, please tell us in breakfast if you would like extra tea and coffee for your room.

Cleaning, hygiene and room servicing. 

Recently, we’ve put a few extra things in place, but we don’t want your stay to feel clinical or sterile.   We’ve installed an outside tap (next to the private parking) for washing muddy boots, bikes and paws.  This also means you can wash your hands before you come through the front door.  We often find after a day spent outdoors, or travelling, the first thing you want to do, when you have the opportunity, is wash your hands.

You’ll also find yummy smelling Pure Lakes World Heritage hand sanitiser by the front door and in the downstairs guest bathroom.  Our hand sanitiser doesn’t smell of disinfectant so you won’t arrive at breakfast smelling anti-bacterial.

We pride ourselves on having a whopping 48 years of combined experience in the travel, tourism and hospitality business.  Ensuring rooms are sparkly clean is in our nature and as Lisa is ex-military, she believes in rooms being properly prepared “ship shape” style.  Your rooms will be properly cleaned and prepared, with all touchable services wiped squeaky clean, as you’d only expect.  All bedding and towels are professionally washed off site by a local company with an excellent reputation.

During short breaks of 3 nights or less we won’t be servicing or entering your room, unless we need to for maintenance.  This is because we believe our guests like to be left alone to relax.  Also, if you’re having a nap the last thing you want is a knock on the door and the threat of a vacuum.

What about breakfast?  Can we book “room-only?” Are you offering room-service?

The breakfast plan (depending on government guidelines) is you’ll receive a breakfast menu on arrival and, we’ll have a chat about your preferred breakfast time.  You can have a look at the menu as you settle in, then make a note of what you’d like, and pop it by the front door when you head out to explore.

The following morning when you come down to breakfast your table will be ready for you. Once you’ve enjoyed your choice of cereals, juice etc we’ll bring your cooked breakfast to your table.  We’ll also bring fresh toast, tea and coffee as and when you need a refill.

Breakfast for us is an extremely important, so we want you to feel relaxed whilst enjoying your first meal of the day. Alternatively, you are more than welcome to book on a “room-only” basis if you prefer.  We don’t feel “room-service” is the way forward for us.  We really pride ourselves on first impressions and cleanliness.  Food trays left in rooms, or in corridors, doesn’t create a healthy environment for everyone.  We also believe you’d prefer to eat at a table, rather than on your bed.

Finally, if you are feeling unwell please don’t travel.  Carlton Lodge, and the spectacular North York Moors National Park, will still be here when you’re feeling better.