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It is debatable that walking in and around the North York Moors National Park comprises some of the best walking that England has to offer.  There is something for every taste from 30 minutes to 22 miles and every mile a glorious walking experience.
Lower down this page there are links to some regional walks immediately below we have listed 4 local walks which highlight some of the best that Helmsley has to offer. Please enjoy them and remember to follow the Country Code. Thanks!

Helmsley Discovery Trail (1 mile)

Helmsley and the River Rye (4 miles)

Helmsley and Beck Dale (6.5 miles)

Helmsley and Rievaulx Abbey (7 miles)

Helmsley and Riccal Dale (8 miles)

Further afield?

Find a route in the area you want . . .

Bilsdale    Cleveland Hills   Hambleton Hills   Newtondale Hole of Horcum  Goathland  Hutton-le-Hole Rosedale Farndale BransdaleWesterdale  River Derwent  Harwood Dale  Cropton Forest  Baysdale  Sutton Bank Hawnby  Esk Valley  Yorkshire Coast Helmsley.

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Bilsdale . . .

Walk No Length Route
11 15km Chop Gate, Cold Moor, Cringle Moor, Barker’s Ridge
13 15km Fangdale Beck, Tripsdale, Cock Howe, Bilsdale Mast
19 14km Newgate Bank to Cowhouse Bank
21 18km Clay Bank to Ingleby Bank
24 14km Hasty Bank, Cold Moor and Botton Head
38 16km Newgate Bank, Easterside Hill, Fangdale Beck, Hawnby Moor
44 11km Fangdale Beck, Moor Gate
46 13km Chop Gate, Cold Moor Lord Stones cafe
60 15km Chop Gate, Botton Head, Hasty Bank, Cold Moor
68 14km Chop Gate, Cock Howe, Tripsdale
96 14km Chop Gate, Tripsdale & Ship Stone, Bilsdale Mast, Cock Howe
93 11km Clay Bank to Lord Stone’s Cafe
117 9km Helmsley, Ash Dale
123 10km Newgate Bank, River Rye, Hawnby
138 14km Clay Bank, Ingleby Incline, Botton Head
173 15km Chop Gate, Cock Howe,Lord Stone’s Cafe, Raisdale
226 9km Cow House Bank, Roppa Wood, East Moor Wood
209 10km Laskill, Easterside Hill, Fangdale Beck, River Seph
332 13km Newgate Bank, Roppa Wood, River Seph, Easterside Hill
344 13km Hasty Bank, Wainstones, Cold Moor, Cringle Moor, Clay Bank
357 8km Chop Gate, Flat Howe, Cock Howe circuit (difficult navigation)
358 9km Chop Gate, Seave Green, Medd Crag, Urra, Cold Moor circuit
530 8km Newgate Bank, River Seph, Hawnby, River Rye, Shaken Br
552 6km Lord Stones Cafe, Cleveland Way, Cringle Moor circuit
571 9km Clay Bank, West Wood Fm, Old Sheepfold Fm, Greenhow Plantation
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Cleveland Hills . . .

Walk No Length Route
114 12km Oak Dale, Osmotherley, Scarth Nick
132 17km Silton Wood, Thimbleby, Osmotherly, Cod Beck, Oak Dale
140 15km Black Hambleton and Great Arden Moor
158 15km Commondale, Guisborough Woods
156 18km Kildale, Baysdale
171 12km Ellers Wood, Cow Ridge, Arnsgill Ridge, Wheat Beck
172 10km Sutton Bank, Gormire Lake, Boltby Scar
175 16km Silton Woods, Oak Dale, Drove Road, Kepwick
195 12km Clay Bank, Botton Head, Ingleby Incline, Greenhow Plantation
210 10km Scarth Nick, Arncliffe wood, Osmotherley, Cod Beck Reservoir
211 10km Boltby, Boltby Forest, Cleveland Way, Low Paradise Farm
287 12km Cod Beck, Oak Dale, Osmotherley, Cleveland Way, Scarth Nick
312 11km Boltby, Felixkirk, Kirkby Knowle circuit
316 13km Ellers Wood picnic area, Cow Ridge, Head Ho, Arnsgill Ridge
324 8km Cod Beck Reservoir, Cleveland Way, Osmotherley circuit
344 13km Hasty Bank, Wainstones, Cold Moor, Cringle Moor, Clay Bank
346 11km Gribdale Gate, Captain Cooks Monument, Roseberry Topping
385 10km Osmotherley, Cleveland Way, Oak Dale, Thimbleby circuit
412 6km Cod Beck Cleveland Way Osmotherley Cod Beck Reservoir
465 8km Swainby, Whorlton, Whorl Hill, Cleveland Way, Scugdale
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Hambleton Hills . . .

Walk No. Length (km) Route
125 16km Boltby Forest, Hawnby Church, Arden Hall, Hambl’n Drove Rd
52 13km Silton Woods, Kepwick, Hambleton Drove Road
103 7km Husthwaite to Coxwold via Beacon Banks
127 14km Wass Bank, Scawton, Flassen Dale, Claythwaite Rigg
129 8km Byland Abbey, Wass, Mt Snever Observatory, Oldstead
162 15km River Rye, Murton Grange, Caydale, Nettle Dale
188 7km Kilburn White Horse, Hambleton Hotel, Sutton Bank
264 9km White Horse Bank, Sutton Bank, Hambleton Inn, Oldstead Road
352 7km Oldstead, High Kilburn, Oldstead Grange circuit
389 11km Boltby, High Barn, Cleveland Way, Steeple Cross, Boltby Forest
393 2km Wass Bank Woods circuit
450 8km Boltby, Low Paradise farm, Hambleton Drove Road, High Barn
493 8km White Horse Bank, John Bunting’s Chapel, Roulston Scar circuit
496 6km Kepwick, Nab Farm, Cleveland Way, Sheepwash Bank
514 11km Kepwick, Cowesby, Cleveland Way, circuit
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Newtondale/Hole of Horcum/Dalby Forest . . .

Walk No Length Route
01 10km Levisham to Newtondale
12 11km Hole of Horcum, Dundale Griff, Skelton Tower
15 15km Newton Dale and Levisham Moor
29 15km Bridestones and Hole of Horcum
34 20km Saltergate, Lilla Howe, Simon Howe, Newtondale
35 13km Newton-on-Rawcliffe, Raindale Head, Newtondale
62 20km Hole-of-Horcum, Newton Dale, Simon Howe, Lilla Howe
80 15km Newton-upon-Rawcliffe, Newtondale
91 12km Hole-of-Horcum, Levisham, Skelton Tower
115 10km Levisham, Dundale Pond, Saltergate, Skelton Tower
116 14km Lockton, Stain Dale, Bridestones
154 16km Hole of Horcum, Malo Cross,Blakey Topping
166 10km Hole of Horcum: Pigtrough, Hawdale & Honess Griffs
187 8.5km Hole-of-Horcum, Dundale Pond
201 17km Hole-of-Horcum, Maylo Cross, Bridestones, Staindale
267 10km Fox & Rabbit pub, Newton Dale, Levisham, Lockton
276 9km Pickering, Howl Dale circuit
281 11km Thornton-le-Dale, Ellerburn, Howl Dale, Pickering circuit
371 11km Hole-of-Horcum, Skelton Tower, Dundale Pond circuit
419 7km Staindale Lake, Dargate Dikes, Bridestones circuit
471 11km Levisham, Dundale Griff, Levisham Station, Farwath
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Goathland . . .

The Tornado on the NYMR at Grosmont

Walk No Length Route
18 15km Whinstone Ridge Circuit
37 13km Goathland, Beck Hole, Park Rigg, Wheeldale, Simon Howe
275 14km Eller beck, Newtondale, Wardle Green, Simon Howe, Goathland
286 12km Goathland waterfalls circuit
291 7km Beck Hole, Rail Trail, Grosmont, Crag Cliff Wood
406 10km Grosmont, Rail Trail, Goathland, Thomason Foss, Crag Cliff Wood
541 10km Grosmont, Green End, Hawthorn Hill Fm, Greenlands Fm, Fairhead Fm
563 11km Wheeldale Br, Cropton Fst, Wardle Gn, Simon Howe, Hunt Ho, Roman Rd
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Hutton-le-Hole/Rosedale/Farndale . . .

Walk No Length Route
23 15km Hutton-le-Hole, Rosedale and Spaunton
25 15km Rosedale Ironstone Railway
26 13km Farndale and Rudland Rigg
39 13km Low Mill, Blakey Ridge, Lion Inn, Church Houses Farndale
51 17km Danby Head, Danby Dale, Fryup Dale, Rosedale
32 14km Northdale Rigg, Shunner Howe and Hartoft Dale
70 12km Kirkbymoorside, Gillamoor, Fadmoor, Kirk Dale
76 10km Farndale head, Rudland Rigg, Old ironstone railway
85 15km Sinnington, Lastingham, Spaunton, Appleton-le-Moors
118 13km Lowna, Farndale, Sleightholme Dale
119 12km Rudland Rigg, Farndale, Low Mill
124 13km Hutton-le-Hole, Ana Cross, Lastingham
187 9km Hole-of-Horcum, Dundale Pond
199 14km Rosedale Abbey, Rosedale Bank, Anna Cross, Lastingham
201 17km Hole-of-Horcum, Maylo Cross, Bridestones, Staindale
229 12 km Hutton-le-Hole, Rosedale Chimney, Anna Cross, Lastingham
261 14km Shaw Ridge, Rudland Rigg
279 12km Blakey Ridge, Rosedale, Ironstone Railway circuit
282 8km Farndale Head, Bloworth Crossing, Ironstone Railway Path
288 11km Lowna, R. Dove, Low Mill, Harland Moor circuit
328 12km Blakey Ridge, Rosedale, Ironstone railway circuit
400 9km Low Mill, Blakey Ridge, Rosedale railway, Farndale
404 8km River Dove daffodil circuit from Lowna, Farndale
438 10km Rosedale Abbey, Northdale circuit
437 10km Russells Wood, Hartoft Dale, Cropton Forest, Northdale Rigg
436 10km Sinnington, Appleton-le-Moors, Cropton, River Seven circuit
452 10km Church Houses, Bragg Farm, Blakey Ridge, Rosedale Railway
538 10km Rosedale Abbey, Anna Cross, Ironstone Railway, Thorgill, R. Seven
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Bransdale . . .

Walk No Length Route
20 15km East Moors and Bransdale
33 16km Bransdale, Bloworth Crossing, Cleveland Way, Tripsdale
69 13km Little Roll Gate, Hodge Beck, East Moor Wood
83 12km Sleightholme Dale & Rudland Rigg
151 13km Bransdale, Stump Cross, Bloworth Crossing, Rudland Rigg
226 9km Cow House Bank, Baxton’s Wd, Roppa Wd, East Moor Wd
225 11km East Moor Wood, Pockley Moor, Lund farm, Helmsley
261 14km Shaw Ridge, Rudland Rigg
262 18km Bransdale, Rudland Rigg, Bloworth Crossing, Badger Stone
283 9km Kirkdale, Hodge Beck, Robin Hood’s Howl circuit
361 9km Cockayne, Bransdale Mill, Shaw Ridge, Rudland Rigg
392 9km Cowhouse Beck circuit Helmsley
397 11km East Moor Wood, Cinder Hill, Birk Nab Farm, Lund Farm
442 10km Hodge Beck Sleightholmedale Rollgate Bank, Stonely Woods
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Walk No Length Route
111 17km Westerdale to Fat Betty, Lion Inn, & returning via Esklets
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River Derwent/Harwood Dale . . .

Walk No Length Route
36 20km Falcon Inn, Ravenscar, Jugger Howe Beck, Harwood Dale
40 13km Langdale End, River Derwent, Whisper Dales, Broxa
42 21km Forge Valley, Hutton Buscel, Sea Cut, Raincliffe Woods
221 9km Forge Valley, Ayton Castle, River Derwent
266 15km Cocksmoor Hall car park, Snainton
265 13km Cocksmoor Hall Ebberston Low Moor Troutsdale
338 11km Forge Valley, Wrench Green, Sea Cut, Raincliffe Woods
456 8km Forge Valley geological trail, Raincliffe Wood
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Cropton Forest . . .

Walk No Length Route
31 15km Roman Camps, Keldy, Cropton Forest
202 15km Cropton, Cropton Forest, Hartoft End, R. Seven, Cropton Banks
240 10km Cropton Forest, Simon Howe, Wheeldale Beck, Roman Road
377 12km Rutmoor Beck, Cropton Forest, Mauley Cross
563 11km Wheeldale Br, Cropton Fst, Wardle Gn, Simon Howe, Hunt Ho, Roman Rd
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Walk No Length Route
55 13km Baysdale circuit
366 9km Hob Hole, Great Hograh Moor, Baysdale Beck
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Sutton Bank/Hawnby . . .

Walk No Length Route
75 15km Easterside Hill, Hawnby, Hambleton Drove Road, Thorodale
65 12km Sutton Bank, Kilburn White Horse Gormire Lake
121 10km Sutton Bank, Gormire Lake, Cleveland Way
153 11km Moor Gate, Hawnby Moor,Harker Gates, Hawnby
231 11km Sutton Bank Visitor Centre, Cold Kirkby, Cleveland Way
231 18km Sutton Bank Visitor Centre, Cold Kirkby, Cleveland Way
297 15km Hawnby Church, Thorodale, Hambleton Drove Road circuit
302 8km Hawnby, Easterside Hill, Hawnby Hill circuit
320 10km White Horse Bank, Gormire Lake, Sutton Bank Visitor Centre
398 4km Sutton Bank, Cleveland Way, Hambleton House
512 9km Sutton Bank, Roulston Scar, Hood Grange, Gormire Lake
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Esk Valley . . .

Walk No Length Route
88 17km Glaisdale circuit
186 7km Littlebeck, The Hermitage, Maybeck, Falling Foss
191 15km Egton High Moor, Glaisdale, East Arnecliff Wood
362 10km Danby, Little Fryup Dale, Danby Rigg, Ainthorpe
408 14km Castleton Gt Hograh Moor Baysdale Battersby Moor Battersby
433 11km Dalby Visitor Ctr, Housedale Rigg, Sand Dale, Thornton Dale
451 11km Falling Foss, Littlebeck, Maybeck, John Bond’s Sheephouse
526 7km Kildale, Mill Bank Wood, Ayton Banks Wood, Captain Cook’s Monument, Coate Moor Forest, Bankside Farm
555 11km Danby Beacon, Nean Howe Rigg, Scaling Dam Reservoir, Brown Rigg
564 11km Castleton, West Green Farm, Stormy Hall, Danby Dale, East Cliff, North End Farm, Esk Valley Walk
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Yorkshire Coast . . .

Walk No Length Route
06 13km Bempton to Filey
16 11km Ravenscar to Robin Hoods Bay
48 18km Sandsend, Mulgrave Woods Mickleby, Cleveland Way
78 Solar Eclipse seen from Scarborough
90 10km Reighton Sands to Filey
109 15km Flamborough Head circuit from Danes Dyke
133 15km Staithes, Newton Mulgrave, Runswick Bay
136 16km Cloughton, Crook Ness, Cloughton Woods, Heyburn Wyke
183 4km Robin Hood’s Bay, Rain Dale
224 9km Sewerby to Flamborough South Landing circuit
219 15km Bempton RSPB, cliff path to Speeton, beach to Filey
214 10km Cloughton, Crook Ness, Hayburn Wyke, Cleveland Way
247 12km Ravenscar, Cleveland Way, Robin Hood’s Bay
295 13km Bempton, Flamborough South Landing, via Flamborough Head
304 12km Whitby, Gnipe Howe(Hawsker), Cleveland Way, Saltwick Bay
364 9km Cayton Bay, Cleveland Way, Scarborough, Low Water Shore
379 10km Cayton Bay to Filey via the Cleveland Way
451 11km Falling Foss, Littlebeck, Maybeck, John Bond’s Sheephouse
466 8km Robin Hood’s Bay, disused railway, Park Wall, Boggle Hole
533 11km Robin Hood’s Bay, Railway Path, Cleveland Way, Stoupe Beck
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Helmsley . . .

Walk No Length Route
117 11km Collier Hag wood, Ash Dale circuit
225 11km East Moor Wood, Piethorn Farm, Pockley Moor, Lund farm
226 9km Cow House Bank, Baxton’s Wood, Roppa Wood, East Moor
217 14km Helmsley, Riccal Dale, Carlton Grange, Collier Hag Wood
283 9km Kirkdale, Hodge Beck, Robin Hood’s Howl circuit
300 8km Helmsley, Duncombe Park, River Rye circuit
305 5km Helmsley, River Rye circuit
339 15km Cowhouse Bank Newgate Bank Rievaulx Moor High Baxton’s
392 9km Cowhouse Beck circuit Helmsley
457 11km Helmsley, Ash Dale (Tabular Hills route) Riccal Dale
547 10km Riccal Bridge, Rape La, Gale La, Beadlam, Pockley, Riccal Dale
562 10km Pockley, Riccal Dale, Hasty Bank Farm circuit
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